TEDx Conversations

Hi TEDizenz,

Next TEDx Chennai planning meet is scheduled to be held at IIT Cafe Coffee Day on 4 PM.Anyone interested in engaging himself in the creation of tedx chennai are invited.

Be there to get involved in the making of Tedx Chennai.

For the unititated,following is the Minutes-Of-Meeting of the last meeting held at the same spot on July 11,2009.

MOM of July 11 TEDx Chennai meet:

Theme discussed: INNOVATE,INSPIRE,etc

Theme decided: INSPIRE ,as it is line with the spirit of TED.Ram came up with the theme and enrolled others.

Venues discussed:IIT audi,CLRI audi,Mahindra Mahindra Chengalpet audi,SRM

Venue finalised:IIT ICSR auditorium.


July 18 – Website,IIT Audi booking

July 25 – Press Release

Aug 15 – Longlist,Sponsorship documents


A website where people can register and recomend speakers.

Questions to be asked before selecting a speaker

Has he made a difference?

Is he inspired?

Is he inspiring?

What’s his story? What’s his idea?

Is he a good speaker?

Selection process for speakers:

100 Longlist à 20 shortlist à 6 speakers

Screening procedure for audience at TEDx Chennai. TEDx to follow a ted like procedure of registering and invitation only event.(Kaushik was instrumental in starting this discussion on the screening of audience)

Other ideas:

Short bio of recommended speakers to be uploaded by users.

Tedx fellowship

Tentative Budget:

Lunch: Rs 10,000

Venue: Rs 15,000

Backdrop: Rs 10,000

“Bombshell dropped“: “TEDxChennai” name already taken.Have to come up with some other name.Kiruba on talks with TED on this issue.


One sponsor. Maximum money.(Benedict came up with this suggestion and others agreed)

People who attended:

Benedict – 9962957047 – benedictg@gmail.com

Shyam – 9962296669 – thanashyam@gmail.com

Ram – 9841010109 – a.rams@gmail.com

Kiruba – 9841597744 – kiruba@kiruba.com

Kausikram – 9884246490 – kausikram@gmail.com

Nambirajan – 9941470421 – pudhiaideeas@gmail.com

Next meeting: Aug 15 (Saturday) at IIT Cafe Coffee Day.


Tedx Conersations at KK Nagar on Aug 1:

Took place at:Mr Simon’s house at KK Nagar.

People who attended: Benny,Shyam,myself,Simon and his wife and their kids.

Videos shown and discussions had:

1,Jehanne Noujaim’s TED prize wish :

First we saw this TED prize wish from Jehanne Noujaim made at TED 2006.To the unititated TED helps to bring to reality a wish from 3 TED speakers in a kinda “whats your wish?we will make that happen” style.They call it the TED prize wish.Do look for the other TED prize wish winners here.

Jehanne’s wish was to unite the world throught the power of films by showing the same films all over the world at the same time.She called the day Pangea Cinema day.Her wish came to life on May 8,2008 when the first Pangea day took place.Read morre about it here.

Then we discussed about the power of films and had a light debate over the power of words vs the power of images.Benny as always shared his opinion about films and his belief in words rather than images.The discussion then turned on to what children watch nowadays and the Simons shared their views about their family.

Imagine a family that watches TED videos regularly and discusses over them as a family.How would that be?

Pangea day link:http://www.pangeaday.org/

Then we saw some short videos that were featured on Pangea Day.Remember only the beat of videos and films get to screen at Pangea Day.So watch all the impressive videos of Pangea Day at their youtube channel.

2,Elevator Music shown at Pangea Day:

3,Pangea Day Introduction video:

4,Kenya sings for India:

After this video we discussed about how we relate with neighbours,friends,people who dont have the same views of life as ours.

5,For the final video of the day we saw Sarah Jones performing eight different characters.Was a funny performance with a cross culture sub text. TED is not all serious stuff and regularly invites humorous people,stand up comics to have an occassional laugh at themselves.Sarah Jones is one such example.In the same category watch the videos in the “funny” section at TED home page.

Sarah Jones’ talk:

Overall it was a good thought provoking session.Could have been  better if more people had come.I urge the readers of this blog to invite their friends,family for the next meet and to take the spirit of TED far and wide.

Thanks for Shyam,Benny and Simon for sharing the spirit of  TED.Looking forward to see more turnouts from the next session.




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